sulphur, the two com■


■It is packed upon mules or donkeys and c●arried to the railway or to the canal at■ Chalco, whence it is brought to its desti■nation. The sulphur is taken from the crat●e

r, as we shall presently see, brought as ●far as the snow-line on the backs of men, or sli●d down the steep side of the mountain; and● from there it goes t


o the railway on th●e backs of beasts of burden. "Ice-machines in t●he city have somewhat interfered wi■th the business of the Indian●s who bring ice from the mount■ain, and may possibly break it u●p altogether. The ice is li


ke that from glaci■ers all the world over, and resembles■ snow more than it does the prod●uct of the New England lakes and rivers in● the winter season. It is sold in● the city as nieve (snow), and■ the boys who peddle ice-cre


am in the capital ●call out, 'Nieve! tome nieve!' as they go ab●out with their wares. "We managed to sleep fa■irly well in the huts at Tlamacas,● and were tired enough to go to re■st very early. From our supply of canned provi


s■ions we made up an excellent s●upper, and there was a material additi●on to it in

it accumulates.

the shape of som■e fresh chickens, which one of our mulet■eers had brought along ju

The city of M■e


st as a speculatio●n. He argued to himself that we● would be glad to buy chickens ■in addition to the stock o

ontario Tower,LONDON

f food we had o■n hand, and so we were. We gladly paid ●him double what the chickens w■ould have cost at Amecameca. Mr.

Arms sugg

●ested th

at possibly the chic

ontario Tower,LONDON

kens ● [Pg 291] had cost the man no●thing, as they were probably t●aken from a chicken-house during the night wh●ile

the legit

imate owne

r was slumbering.

ontario Tower,LONDON

I■N THE PINE REGION. "The thermomet■er went down to forty-two degrees during the ni■ght, and when we started in the m

orn●ing i

t was fort

y-seven degrees. ●T

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he volcanero was to call us at five● o'clock; and for fear he would not be around■ [Pg 292] at that hour, Colonel■ Watson set an alarm clock, which h●e had stowe

s at the base of

d away in his hand-bag. T●he clock fired itself off at fiv●e and waked everybody, the volcanero inc■luded. EL PICO DEL


Mount E●tna ar

e s■hivered in the sharp air of the morning wh■ile taking coffee and biscuits for an early ●breakfast, and were mounted /p>

馻nd off before

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